Tournedos of venison meat in porcini sauce

 Tournedos of venison meat in porcini sauce

Tournedos is a classic French delicacy out of meat that has not left indifferent even the most demanding gourmets for several centuries. Culinary term tournedos comes from the French word tournedos that is derived from the word-combination tourne-dos that literally means «to turn over». In the beginning of the 19th century a way of placing foodstuffs on the counter was called with this term. Later in 1903, as the result of a well-known French chef cook and restaurateur Auguste Escoffier’s successful initiative, the term tournedos spread onto the way of cooking beef and other kinds of meat.

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 Castle Fata-Morgana

When the sun rose higher, Elisa saw before her a mountainous land, half floating in the air. Its peaks were capped with sparkling ice, and in the middle rose a castle that was a mile long, with one bold colonnade perched upon another. Down below, palm trees swayed and brilliant flowers bloomed as big as mill wheels. She asked if this was the land for which they were bound, but the swans shook their heads. What she saw was the gorgeous and ever changing palace of Fata Morgana

Hans Christian Andersen «The Wild Swans»


Restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana» logo

Restaurant “Mill Fata-Morgana” welcomes its visitors! The restaurant's pleasant atmosphere which creates a sense or serenity and rest is waiting for you: cozy halls, a spacious dance pavilion, nice music, a light sun-porch, a verandah with a beautiful view of the lake, impeccable service and a spring with healing water. Our menu is always diverse (Ukrainian and European cuisine): there are our chef's specialties, barbecues, dishes cooked in the tandoor, big choice of drinks and cocktails of all kinds to fit any taste, vintage, check and chateau wines on the menu.

Our restaurant's main distinctive feature is our attitude to the visitors. You can be sure you'll be offered something special if you visit us. Cozy atmosphere, excellent service, professional stuff will help to turn your visiting of our restaurant into a real celebration.

We fulfill any wish of our visitors and know how to arrange a wedding, an anniversary, a banquet, party or corporate meeting. Our objective is to thrill you by offering something interesting and make your celebration unforgettable.

If you plan a big celebration our restaurant is exactly what you need. Our spacious Banquet room can seat all comers (220 visitors for a stand-up party and 180 visitors for a banquet). We can organize a gala dinner and create the atmosphere that would suit you. It's not important how many visitors there would be, we will make everything possible to make everybody feel a special and welcome visitor this evening.

Do you enjoy meeting your friends and go watching football and other sports championships together? Special for you there is our sun-porch, equipped with big and high quality television systems: wherever you sit, you won't miss any interesting moment!

You've got a special occasion and you'd like to spend it with your partner or dear friend? No problem! Our cozy Small hall on the first floor is at your disposal! However a rather big company of friends can also place in this hall.

By choosing our restaurant you choose quality, competent service and unique atmosphere of comfort. Believe us, we know what we should offer every visitor of ours and you will certainly be satisfied with the service in our restaurant. We are always glad to see you!


Virtual Tour around the Restaurant

Virtual tours of restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana»

You are welcome to visit restaurant “Mill Fata-Morgana” right away, without distracting from your computer. With the help of the interactive panoramas you can see the house’s territory, all its rooms, beginning with the passage of the restaurant. Go to the next panorama with the help of arrows in a blue circle.

Cold snacks of Restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana»

Cold Snacks

Cold snacks are not only a table decoration, but also your favorite dish. Neither a gala banquet, nor a get-together of friends or an evening for two can go without cold snacks. In our restaurant you can order both traditional and well-known dishes, as well as specialties of our restaurant.

Salads of «Mill Fata-Morgana» Restaurant


Everybody can make a salad, but your own zest can be added even to a classical recipe. Our Chef cooks tasty food, but he also knows how to prettify every dish. In our restaurant you can taste both traditional and exotic salads which won't leave you indifferent.

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Гарячі закуски ресторану «Млин Фата-Моргана»

Гарячі закуски

Ви з друзями замовили холодні закуски, основні гарячі страви. Але Ви не поспішаєте і бажаєте добре відпочити. У такому випадку радимо Вам замовити також і гарячі закуски - це особливі, невеличкі за об'ємом страви, які передують головній страві, але на відміну від холодних закусок, більш складні за інгредієнтами і рецептурою та подаються у гарячому вигляді.

First course of «Mill Fata-Morgana» restaurant

First course

In the course of day we offer you our first course dishes: solyanka, Ukrainian borscht, tsarlike fish soup, mushroom cream soup or soup with meatballs. Every day brings a new soup. Which one is served today?

Hot dishes of Restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana»

Blue Plate

Are you tired of everyday food? Our Chief is glad to offer you a wide variety of interesting hot dishes made of meat, fish, marine products and vegetables.

Grill dishes

Grill Dishes

Grill dishes are not only very tasty but also healthy. Except traditional barbecued dishes we are glad to offer you a speciality of our restaurant: dishes cooked in a tandoor. The gourmets will definitely appreciate and enjoy extraordinary taste of such dishes.

Garnishes of Restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana»


Garnish (French garnir — decorate, fill, supply) is an addition to meat and fish dishes. Garnishes are different vegetables, potato dishes, porridges and pastas. The most of main courses can't go without garnishes.

Banquet dishes of «Mill Fata-Morgana»

Banquet Dishes

Would you like to celebrate a festive occasion? Our Banquet menu will make your celebration bright and inimitable. Your guests will certainly enjoy the delicate dishes by our chef. And even the most fastidious gourmets will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Buffet dishes of Restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana»

Buffet Dishes

What do you associate a buffet with? First of all, buffet means canape (French canape). Canapes are tiny sandwiches made of pieces of toasted bread with various fillings (fish, meat, cheese, fruit) pinned on little skewers. You can eat canapes in one piece, without biting them off.

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Наші десерти


Назва десерт походить від французького слова desservir, що означає «розчищати стіл». Отже це страви, які подають після основних страв чи наприкінці будь-якої трапези. Розмаїття десертів дуже велике — від кондитерських і запечених виробів (тортів, тістечок, пирогів, млинців, штруделів, кексів, мафінів) до меду, шоколаду, кремів, морозива, сербетів, желе тощо.