Seabass – Many Names, the Unique Taste

 Grilled Seabass

This fish can be referred to the premium class due to its gustatory quality. Perhaps you won't find another fish that has so many names as seabass does. This fish has strikingly many names. The primary official name in Ukraine is capemouth, according to the Latin classifier of fish it is called Dicentrarchus labrax. The second official name is European seabass. In the restaurant business the name seabass is very popular.

 Seabass before cooking

The Italians use the name branzino. The Spaniards call it lubina. There are also such names as morone labrax, sea dace, spigola, ragno, bar commun and so on. All that indicates that this fish is very popular in national cuisines of the world. And everyone who has tried a dish with the seabass even once will understand the reason for such great popularity. The fish is actually tasty in any kind of cooking: baked, roasted or grilled. This fish has almost no bones. The white meat of the seabass has an excellent fine and clear taste due to the special diet of the seabass which is very fastidious with regards to food. Its diet consists of the crustaceans and mollusks, and very rarely of other fish kinds. The seabass' meat is considered a very tasty and healthy product, rich in proteins (16,5%). 100 g of this fish contain only 1.5 g of fats and 0.6 g of carbohydrates and the calorie content is only 82 kcal. The meat is rich is vitamins B1 and B2 and also minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and iron.

 Grilled and served Seabass

In restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana» the seabass is grilled by one piece. It is salted and peppered straight before being cooked. The fish is filled with herbes de Provence, lime, sprinkled with olive oil in order to get an aromatic crust. We don't use extra virgin oil as it tastes slightly bitter and doesn't pass to the delicate taste of this fish. It's better to use oil of the third extraction. It can be easily defined by its greenish color. As the meat of the seabass is notable for its pure taste which is rare even for sea fish, almost every sauce can be served with it. You can also serve various garnishes: from rice and potatoes to fruit. Bon appetit!

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