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Restaurant's News

12 may 2012 We continue to acquaint our guests with cuisine of restaurant of "Mill Fata-Morgana". We suggest to taste Grilled Sibas with a 30% discount. This fish can be referred to the premium class due to its gustatory quality. The promo price will act from May 14 to May 18. Read detailed information on this dish.

7 may 2012 Pleasant news for our guests who need Internet access in any place and at any time: from now you can be connected to wireless Wi-Fi Internet at recently opened summer terrace. Of course, Internet access at our restaurant is free. Ask the barman for connection details.

25 april 2012 Restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana» announces opening of season of delicious food in fresh air. The verandah of restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana» - is the perfect place where you'll feel really comfortable and cozy along with the beautiful views, fresh air and unforgettable birds singing.

20 april 2012 Restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana» has joined the popular social networks Facebook, Google+ и Twitter. From now on there is even more useful information. Read about the news, announcements and and promotion campaigns of the house and also about news of restaurant life in Ukraine and abroad. Debate, discuss dishes, watch new photos, follow the events and offer your suggestions!.

18 april 2012 Restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana» extends its offer of the European cuisine: from now on Italian cuisineis available for the guests of the house. The first turn of the Italian menu is represented by 14 dishes; among them you can find both variants of carpaccio well known among all our patrons and absolutely new and really refined dishes. The Italian menu will change according to our guests' requests.

23 march 2012 The spring event in restaurant: «Festival of Dishes - 50% discount». The aim of the event is to make our guests familiar with our cuisine. The event is opened by "Tandoory Carp".

24 December 2011 Restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana» wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and invites to celebrate these wonderful holydays with fun!

16 December 2011 Restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana» hosted its dear friends, partners and colleagues.

9 December 2011 Restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana» hosted guests of the first anniversary of Magazine "Svoj Mir Mugskih Uvlechenii". Svoj Magazine totally proves its name as it is a magazine about the world of cars and modern electronic gadgets, hunting and fishing, health, sports, weapons and other hobbies of the men. The event's details are in the special photo spread…

20 November 2011 After successful master classes given by a Georgian Chief cook our restaurant proudly presents the Georgian dishes. Georgian dishes became a part of international cuisine long ago and went beyond Georgia and enjoy popularity in many countries of the world. Come and taste it. You will never regret!

3 November 2011 The restaurant «Mill Fata-Morgana» treated with participants of an all Ukraine journalistic seminar "the First line" that was organized by the popular newspaper "The 33rd channel". The honored artist of Ukraine Mikola Yanchenko sang for visitors. Read more about this event…

Castle Fata-Morgana

10 October 2011 Today is official opening of restaurant and the beginning of daily work. Henceforth we wait for our visitors every day from 12:00 and to last visitor.

The additional information and date of solemn opening will be placed in the near future. Watch the news...