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 Spring Girl

Spring Holidays

Along with nature awakening from winter sleep the spring holidays cycle begins in Ukraine. It is connected both with Christianity and more ancient traditions and believes. The spring holidays are accompanied by special songs and rites, round dances, child's plays, meeting birds coming back from warm lands.

Spring is a symbol of beauty, revival and power of life for the Ukrainians. In imagination of the people spring is personified by a girl with a flower garland on the head.


Winter holidays

 Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year

According to the Ukrainian folk calendar the winter holidays cycle began with Presentation of the Virgin Mary, celebrated on the 4th of December. "Presentation comes along with holidays", people said. Just after the 4th of December a series of very popular folk holidays began: St. Catherine's Day, St. Andrew's Day, St. Barbara's Day, St. Sabbas' Day, St. Nicolas' Day, St. Anna's Day, New Year's Eve and Christmas. And after them St. Basil's Day and Epiphany followed.

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