Stiff Drinks of «Mill Fata-Morgana» restaurant

Stiff Drinks

Stiff drinks are drinks with high alcohol content, usually based on distillate which is obtained in the result of mash distilling or based on rectificate obtained in the process of dry distillation. As a rule stiff drinks are considered drinks with alcohol by volume not less than 35%. Stiff drinks are selected according to specific dishes. They should supplement the menu and shouldn't serve a base for cold snacks.

For example, vodka is best served with sour or pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage or mushrooms as well as other dishes which contain those ingredients. Vodka is also served with caviar and fish dishes as well as with meat snacks. There are also some other rules: cognac is served after meals, gin is served as aperitif, and whisky should be served at the very end of a meal. Overall, you should decide what and when to drink. The most important thing is that you stick to the golden rule: alcohol should be consumed moderately.

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Except the above mentioned drinks you always can order the following popular alcoholic beverages in restaurant “Mill Fata-Morgana”: