Our Restaurant's Drinks

Stiff Drinks of «Mill Fata-Morgana» restaurant

Stiff Drinks

Stiff drinks are drinks with high alcohol content, usually based on distillate which is obtained in the result of mash distilling or based on rectificate obtained in the process of dry distillation. As a rule stiff drinks are considered drinks with alcohol by volume not less than 35%. Stiff drinks are selected according to specific dishes. They should supplement the menu and shouldn't serve a base for cold snacks.

Wine list of «Mill Fata-Morgana» restaurant

Wine List

The restaurant's wine list comprises high quality wines from different countries. It is not required that such wines have a well-known name. The most important thing is that they are produced by wine-makers who love and appreciate the vine and respect the true wine-making traditions.

Vermouths and Bitters of «Mill Fata-Morgana» restaurant

Vermouths, Bitters and Liqueurs

The outstanding feature of the vermouths is a wormwood tone in the bouquet and a taste of bitterness. A good vermouth is an acknowledged aperitif, it can not only raise the spirits, but also whet the appetite. It’s better to consume it diluted by water or on the rocks, so that its aroma is felt fuller.